Booking enquiries

It’s our heart to connect with people and churches across Australia and beyond, so we’d love to hear about opportunities to partner in the gospel. We see it as a great privilege to share our hearts and music.

We really desire to honour the people we minister to and the places we visit, and as we are learning that to do that well it’s really important to have clarity of communication and expectations. As such, we have put together a short form to gather some further information about what you’re looking for. You can also email us at however we’ll take all official booking enquiries through this form.

We don’t have ‘hard and fast’ rules on what kind of opportunities we take on and we seek to really discern what God is leading us to, so please know that the answers to these questions aren’t going to disqualify you (eg. if you can’t/can pay it’s not going to mean we won’t come) but it will help us to have clarity on what you’re asking us to do.

A few things to note:

* We are based all over Australia, which means that we can mobilise a crew in different locations easily — it also sometimes means that travel is involved.

*Our team all manage their own schedules, so feel free to reach out to individuals about specific opportunities.

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